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Grief, reminders for healing is a pocket-size book that offers comfort and hope after the death of a loved one. 24 pages and illustrated, it speaks to the overwhelming aspects of grief in simple terms. Its words provide clarity and understanding during a time that is emotionally challenging.

Praise for Grief, reminders for healing:

"Grief scatters one, and this little book is not only something to grasp, it gently settles the emotion and steadies the heart by catching vital, healing thoughts so well. Our bereavement program has used this little book forever, and will forever. " -- Faith Jackson, Director Spiritual Care, Kaiser Permanente

"Grief, reminders for healing is an essential tool for bereavement. Gale Massey has provided insight into the grief process that opens the door to deeper understanding." --Gloria Horsley Ph.D. President and founder of Open to Hope and co-author of "Real Men Do Cry" and Teen Grief Relief".

"I have given out over 100 copies of this small book Grief,reminders for the healing. People can put them in their pockets and open up the book for a helpful thought every time they are reminded of their loved one. Many people who are grieving can be overwhelmed with books about loss but what they often find most helpful is a small book with important reminders of what is helpful during the painful time of grieving a loss. --Sister Carole Temming, Cincinatti, Ohio

As bereavement coordinator for a hospice in Illinois, I can tell you that Gale Massey’s Grief,reminders for healing is one of our most important support tools for grieving families. For the past 9 years, we have included the booklet with each sympathy card. I can’t begin to count the number of positive responses this small but powerful booklet has generated. It is not unusual to receive requests for additional copies to give to other family members and friends. Many have shared that they have kept the booklet in their purse or pocket, or at their bedside for those moments they need comfort. --Rosemarie Cohen,Bereavement Coordinator, Adventist St. Thomas Hospice

“DeKalb County Hospice has been using the “little Grief book,” as we affectionately call it, for the past 10 years or so. Grief, Reminders for Healing has provided our bereaved hospice families much comfort and guidance, and many have felt so touched by its honest and tender words that they make a point to call or send a note expressing their gratitude. I have had individuals tell me that they keep it in their purse or on their nightstand so that it is nearby when they need comfort. During the first few weeks following a loss, for many, it is difficult to fully engage in new knowledge which is why Gale Massey’s little book is perfect for the newly bereaved. It offers hope and validation in a simple and gentle manner.” --Sue Rankin, Bereavement Program Coordinator, DeKalb County Hospice